Monday, November 9, 2009

Yellow Soul

Everything was cast in the warm hues of yellow common to buttercups and sunsets.

Well that's not quite right, thought Jordan, it's about 30 times that strong.

It had been getting steadily more and more yellow since last Friday when everyone, even the vehement naysayers, had to finally admit the scientists were right.  That was the first day the comet appeared in the sky beside the sun.

Nearly a week later and what had started as a large day-star was now Sol's little brother, trotting along at a leisurely pace across the sky.

Really you'd expect more to have changed in a week than just the peculiar colouring, Jordan mused to himself.  I mean sure the U.N. had scrambled to assemble a battery of scientists, and most recently nukes, just in case, but people were still heading to work and banks were still foreclosing properties and those poor African tribes were still being forced into squalor by their own leaders.  But hey, at least they probably didn't know or care that the world would likely end within the month...

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  1. This writing was prompted by the word yellow and we had about 5-10 minutes.

    I have an idea for how this would play out but is a complicated mature idea, think Lord of the Flies with the whole earth but told from Jordan's perspective. The title is reflective of the moral point of the story I suppose.