Monday, November 9, 2009

Heart Race

The world moved, and his mind was still.  He found this therapeutic and looked forward to it more and more these days.  Troubles seemed to cloud his thoughts of late and the detachment of his newly favourite past time helped to sort it all out.

Something streaked by on his left and he knew it was time to "thread the needle" as he had heard it called.  This part he just liked for the sheer thrill of it.

Quickly he careened to the right a few degrees and counted the heartbeats to the turn.

Eight, nine, now!

He dug his toes in and dragged himself into the turn with his front limbs, only to immediately twist to the left and kick his back half around into a 90° turn.

Oh yeah!  Now to give it some speed!

Windmilling like an Olympic rowing team his sleek body quickly regained his speed just in time for the second dogleg, but not before he buzzed by Tim's seat in a blur.

"For Pete's sake Smokie, lay off!  It's late!" Tim cried out in surprise, clutching the arm of his big comfortable computer chair.

"Sorry guys, my cat is being a nutbar again," Tim said into his headset, resuming his game.

But Smokie didn't hear, or wasn't listening, as he deftly completed the second bend.

Left, Right, 6 more heartbeats...

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  1. Homework assignment to write journal entries about places we knew, I think... To be honest I wrote it in the food court at the Galleria in the hour before class. I'm a slacker. I have an idea that this could be a very Stephen King-esque deal.