Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Avoid Hypochondria

Hypochondria is the condition of suffering from an imaginary ailment or symptoms and in 2009 almost anyone can suffer from it.  The way to avoid Hypochondria is by avoiding it's chief cause: The Internet.

Never, ever, look up a symptom list for a malady you think you may on some remote level have, all that will happen is that you will begin to think that every minor discomfort is in fact one of the symptoms.  Worst of all is looking up an isolated symptom on somewhere like WebMD and linking to all the wonderfully scary diseases and ailments that it could indicate.  Stay away from that unless you want to attribute some harmless sleeplessness (brought on by stress no doubt) to a pending stroke or some bizarre syndrome of the day.

I've been sick since last week with a decently bad cold and started to feel better by Tuesday of this week.  I felt achy by late Tuesday and rundown and achy with a headache on Wednesday and decided to look up symptoms for H1N1.  Next thing you know I'm up at staff health getting my temperature taken because I am sure I have a fever.  Needless to say the nurse indicated my temperature was fine.

Fever or no, I am still sick, with a cough and running nose and fuzzy-head, but so far I'm really not in any position to think I have H1N1 as I lack several major symptoms.  Give it enough time and my brain can manifest those too.  Thanks, Internet.Publish Post


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