Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tool Stimulus Contest

Once in a while we get together as a culture to celebrate the truly important things in life, like music, and there is no greater celebration than that of the concert.

Tool image "courtesy" of JLC
During the recent Holiday season I was thrilled to hear that our own John Labatt Centre would be host to the incomparable Tool, one of those bands whose lyrics never seem to run out of things to say. As I celebrated that I would have both the means and the opportunity to enjoy this rare treat I realized it wasn't always the case. Haven't I been trapped in the fiscal confines of school or unemployment in the past and missed out on seeing bands on my bucket list?

It was a tweet from @Kenini_I (Teri) that made me realize this. She had tweeted an entreaty to the world at large to make it possible for her to see this concert as she was just not able to make it work. It was that moment I committed to The Tool Stimulus Contest. I would give away two tickets to the unemployed and/or students of London on my own sweet whims, and the very first winner was Teri for giving me the idea and meeting the criteria. She already has her ticket.

Now YOU have the chance to win the last ticket. In the next 24 hours you must comment on this blog with your email address or Twitter account (and be following me so we can DM) and state whether you are a Student or Unemployed and include a personal anecdote about Tool. It can be your favourite song, the first time you heard it, or anything at all, but something so I know you are real.

The winner will be drawn at random, there are no wrong answers or best posts. You stand to have a VERY high chance of winning since I only have 6 semi-regular readers.  The winner will be posted here and contacted by email or Twitter after 5PM tomorrow Wednesday January 25th and I will deliver the ticket to you that evening or before the concert.

In summary.

Contest Rules:

Meet the Eligibility:
1) Student
2) Unemployed
3) A really good liar that can fake 1) or 2) and won't feel bad stealing the ticket from someone who is less fortunate (jerk)

Comment below with your email address or Twitter account (and follow @Oathbreaker) before 5PM Wednesday January 25th.

Good Luck!