Monday, November 9, 2009

The Technologist!

"Bang! Bang!", rang Maxwell's Silver Hammer as it came down upon her head, in two swift blows.

The teller dropped to the ground as the bank erupted in a shower of shrieks and moans.  As the body fell away a sinister smile spread across Maxwell Edison's lips revealing a row of perfect white teeth.

"Anyone else want to reach for any little hidey buttons, cellphones, beepers, guns, or tazers?" His voice rose in pitch as he spoke, sounding feverishly excited as he hit the crescendo, "JUST TRY IT!"

The bank lobby fell to quiet moans and weeping as a pool of blood spread out from Missy, the late teller's, lifeless heap.

"Now Mr. Borrowitz that is a fine idea, yes," he said wryly as he lilted around on the bank manager that had been slying towards the vault room, "Let's get to that money shall we."


"The madman Maxwell Edison has seized control of the Utopolis Central Bank building," creaked the ear buds hanging around Tim's neck as he talked on the desk phone in his cube.

"This install will only take about fifteen minutes Mrs. Shaw, I'd just ask that you avoid using the old software until it completes upgrading."

"12 people are visible inside the..." the ear buds continued.

"Not a problem Tim, thanks for calling me back so quickly on a Friday," Mrs. Shaw oozed into the phone.

Tim reflected how pleasant people were when things were going their way.  He knew full well how different they could be when they weren't.

"It's my pleasure, give it about 20 minutes and check for a new icon, if you don't see it, give me a call back."


"Have a great weekend Mrs. Shaw."

"You as well!"

This is when the nagging feeling in Tim's mind, present since he had reflected on Mrs. Shaw's reaction, hooked his attention on the ear buds.

"That sounds bad," he mumbled, slipping in the ear buds.

"...presently housing one-hundred million in gold bullion, police expect Maxwell Edison is looking to score big but sources close to the police report they are completely baffled how he plans to escape with it."

"Shit," said Tim, he had started to rise at the name Maxwell.

"...What was that?  Oh my god, we just saw two flashes of light from inside the bank.  That is normally a sign of Maxwell's Silver Hammer and could mean another hostage was just executed!"

"Jesus," said Tim grabbing his coat and running past Soren's cube.

"Hey Soren, check on that install I just started in a half-hour, for PDF Reader.  I gotta grab a coffee!"

"Ya, no problem, what is it life and death coffee?!", yelled Soren down the hall.

"It might be," said Tim to himself as he hit the stairwell running.

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  1. This one was a homework assignment. I stalled until the day of the class again and wrote this one in the food court listening to the Beatles, but you couldn't have guessed that, could you?