Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So why the "screen name"? What does it mean?

Oathbreaker, who are you, really?

I once wrote a rather exhaustive, yet tantalizingly light retrospective on my various "screen names" and what they meant to me. You can find it here: http://humanfailmachine.blogspot.com/2009/10/ice-cream-assassin.html

I'm curious if my answer now changes from then. Oathbreaker to me is a character, he is a mode of being that I can fall into for online games and those rare moments when defining yourself in egoic terms is useful. Oathbreaker is a person who does right, by his reckoning, with or against the rules of society. He is haunted by a past shame that is also that which allows him to follow his contrary course. I see him as a free man in an age of thralls and lords.

Of course, when ti comes to twitter and other things, it's just a convenient way to hide my real name from the intertubes and still have a recognizable moniker for those who know me.

Read my other blog post for a FULL accounting of the history of my "screen names" and other aggrandized back stories.

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