Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is your favourite place in London?

There are so many places I could mention that are my favourites for different reasons. For example, my favourite place for the particular brand of cheddar poutine I like is Billy's downtown. My favourite place for quiet contemplation is Victoria Park on a crisp winter's night. My favourite bridge is Blackfriars. My favourite venue (so far) is Centennial Hall. But those are pretty specific and I think this question was more general.

I guess my favourite place in London is my house's back deck on a cool, bright, promising early-summer morning. It's quiet, with only the birds playing overhead. Sometimes they sit on the roof of my shed, or my neighbour's, observing me as I sip coffee and watch the sun slowly crawl across my lawn towards me. I can see the last remnants of due glistening in the green and I can smell the freshness of the air, itself just a bit chilly and rapidly warming. In time the sun will crest my roof at my back and fill the day with summer thoughts but for the next 20 minutes it is the glorious birth of spring.

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  1. This may seem a little lame but my favorite place in London is a little bar called The Dawghouse. I've only been here a few years and back home in Mississauga I had a place where literally everybody knew your name. Well The Dawghouse is that place here for me in London. It has nothing to do with the fact it's a bar but rather a place where I've come to enjoy the company of the people that frequent the establishment. If I'm going to be anywhere in this town, that's where I'll be.