Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is the proudest moment of your life so far?

The proudest moment of my life so far was my sister's wedding. Seeing the first one of us kids committing to a lifetime of happiness with one person and joining into a whole new group of relatives was quite a moment.

I was proud of her and what she was doing and what it would mean to the new family she was just starting to create. I was happy and proud that my entire immediate family could make the trip from Ontario to British Columbia and all of us through Aunts, Uncles, and new distant in-laws managed to get along for a couple days and just be genuinely happy for these two kids exchanging solemn vows.

Pride is a funny thing. It can be an evil construct of the ego, undermining the goodness and purity of man's actions, or it can be the glue that makes a defining moment in your life resonate and continue to define you. I'm thankful to my sister and her husband for giving me some glue to work with.

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  1. That's sweet. I can relate, my brother's wedding was similar for me. Just seeing him suddenly as an adult and getting married and starting his life was one of the most emotional experiences for me, and I'm not generally an emotional person.