Monday, April 26, 2010

What hobbies, sports, or other leisure time activities do you enjoy most?

When I was a teenager in (I don't recall exact years so this is a guess) Gr. 9 and 10 (maybe) my friends and I used to do two things. Before school, at lunch, and after school we would bat some tennis balls around the dilapidated tennis courts. We were terrible and we spent as much time hacking through the brambles and bushes on the other side of the fence as we did actually volleying, but it was loads of fun. The other thing we used to do, and we did it most of our childhood together to various amounts (once I moved to the same neighbourhood as them I got to do it a lot more) was play street hockey. Throughout University and while working up in Orillia I joined rec league floor hockey teams and killed myself pounding floorboards and being generally terrible at it, but I haven't played it since. Partly because Ice Hockey is much more popular and I never learned to skate growing up on the West Coast (no natural ice might have contributed) and partly because of low faith in my physical ability to keep up and my expectation that my peers would expect more actual hockey knowledge from someone my age. The fact is I always found it loads of fun but I didn't really watch it much or care to learn subtleties of the game for mostly 1-on-1 driveway matches or the occasional 5-on-5 with 2 subs neighbourhood game.
Tennis I never played once we changed schools, I went through an introspective and mostly depressing period of life and didn't do much until I moved out of town for University. Then last summer I got into tennis through my work's in-house tennis league. I'm not as terrible as I thought I would be and spent a lot of effort on taking it seriously. I was still playing with my racket from when I was a kid!! I've just signed up this year and I hope to take it just as seriously and have a great time playing with all the wonderful members of our league.
As for hobbies, well, I play video games and they are my bane. I waste so much time playing them that I fail to achieve my other goals for myself. It's a damn shame I won't be able to some day save the world with my game playing skills. Otherwise I like to read, I enjoy /having written/ but dread /writing/, and I would love to actually pick up my guitar and (learn to) play versus thinking about it and then not.
You all know I am also in Toastmasters and take it slightly more seriously than learning the guitar.
Well, I could go for awhile longer on this rather all-inclusive question but I will stop hear AND I think this post has /just enough/ of my own failure in it to justify a post on my blog (looking @HeyLady33 ;).

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  2. I agree, this post is blog title approved, but just barely.

    Since you like video games so much you should review them, we all know you like to share your opinion, and there are a lot of other gamers out there, could be a good thing.

  3. I could play poker and pool for day's on end.