Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I'm doing

I've been chipping away at Bram Stoker's Dracula, which I picked up at the used book store for a couple bucks.  I didn't realize it was written in the form of recorded letters, journal entries, and newspaper clippings.  What's weird is that it reminds me in parts very heavily of Salem's Lot (which I read right before this) and I have to continually remind myself the chicken came before the egg in this case.

Overall it is very engaging so far considering it is a bit passively written.

In other news my work instituted an enterprise wide collaboration system with Blogs, Wiki-like capabilities, groups, and projects.  A lot of my creative juice has gone there instead of here in an effort to kick start the site and hopefully build a readership amongst my colleagues and maybe even some influence on real decisions.  It's been weird writing only expositions on work-centric themes but a good challenge.  I'm really thinking of taking the Intro to Non-fiction Continuing Studies course in the fall because of this.

Finally, I just wanted to take the time to thank Zaynab for giving me the guts to rename my blog, I really am happier with it this way even if I did lose all my comments! Woo, my comments are back!


  1. I have a blog post I want to write about the free Orchestra performance I saw at London Life but I'm afraid it will fall apart in my head before I can set it down fully.

  2. Hey no problem at all. This name flows better, I think. On second thought, you can repay me by advertising for my blog...

  3. Great Idea! I added a blog roll to the side panel! I'll pimp it out from time to time in the posts too! You've got a great blog because it is intimate, honest, and true. Also the poetry is very pretty. (If you watch Infomania you'd understand if I say "no homo" right here).

  4. Thanks! Nice work on the new blog.