Monday, September 20, 2010

Intro to Fiction Class 1 - It Starts.

You may recall my fiction blurbs from last year, well they are about to resume.  Last week in Intro to Fiction we were given 10 or so minutes to jot down something in 1st Person narrative that would hopefully be intimate to the character.  This is what I threw up on the page:
I stepped out into the dim memory of a beautiful summer afternoon, diminished now to the half-light of coming night.  It was cooler and not least of all for the absence of the glowering sun overhead.

I love this time of the day, it always reminds me of the evenings I spent with my childhood friends many years ago.  How long has it been now since I last stayed out at kevin's place debating which comic book villain was best under an observant graveyard of stars?  Too long.  And yet, who thinks much of comics these days?

With a long breath I exhaled old thoughts and stretched my back, releasing old knots.  Where is that cat?

Furball is usually croaking his tired voice at me before I'm even halfway down memory lane to Kevin's old home.  I keep meaning to let him in before he can annoy the neighbours with his nighttime challenges up and down the neighbourhood and it looks like tonight I'm too early... only, I'm not.
I didn't edit this much, just a few typos and carriage returns, although a whole bunch of it is singing at me right now, not least of which is a little ditty about adverbs and useless words.  That said, it was fun to flex the creative muscle again, even if this one is highly unoriginal.  I also started reading a book on Characterization & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card which is very insightful.  I'll post whatever I write each week.  Our current assignment is to create a character of some sort so I'll post that soon.

Classes are on Wednesdays so stay tuned!


  1. Nice job. Seems like this would be a fun class. Where are you taking it?

  2. It's through UWO Continuing Studies out of the Galleria Mall location. This course is eligible for the Professional Certificate in Creative Writing. All of them are ungraded, but attendance is mandatory.

    I've already taken the Grammar course and one on Journal Writing to foster creativity. They were both a lot of fun and you meet great people in them.

  3. I like that you're going to post your assignments on your blog. (Although isn't that cheating? You're not actually writing new posts...) I might do that too!

  4. Very cool! It'd be nice to meet more writers in town.